Touch Mood

Releases Aug 21st on App Store for daily, visual mood scoring.


Touch Mood features a one-button Touch Analogue Scale.

Clean & Crisp Design

Easy clean design with color feedback to track your Mood Score.

Cloud Powered

All your moods are stored in the cloud, making Touch Mood device agnostic. Touch up on all your iDevices and store your scores in our Mood Cloud.

Rotate and visualize

Just rotate your device to visualize your mood over time in Touch Mood's zoomable graph.

Touch Analogue Scale

Innovative Touch Analogue Scale - quite similar to the Visual Analogue Scale used in medicine to track pain levels.

One Button

While one size rarely fits all, we fell confident that one button is enough!

Premium features

Touch Mood is a premium app with all features right there! Mood to Excel export coming fall 2014.

Touch Mood is good, fun and insightful

Touch Mood is the fun, easy and beautiful way to track your mood. Use it to track your mood on the job, off the job, at school or just in general. We'll keep track, and present your data in a nice graph for you to zoom and explore.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • One finger, one button interface
  • Review each Mood Score and delete any mistakes

Included services

Touch Mood is not just an app - it's an online service.

Mood Cloud

Touch Mood stores your Mood Scores in the cloud. You can switch device or use multiple devices. And should the worst happen and you loose your iPhone, well at least your Mood Scores are intact. (We think we know what the next Mood Score will be after that, though!)

Premium Features

Touch Mood is a premium app with no ads. We add premium features along the way - including export to Excel, so you can save and anlyze your moods! Coming fall 2014

Built-in support

Support and feedback are right there in the app! Talk to us, like you would to any other using your phone. We'll respond right away in the app and on your email. So you'll never miss a response. PS We love to hear from you, and often do make your suggestions into actual code and next versions!


It's easy & beautiful to Touch Mood. Check out our screens below.

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